Flash mob marriage proposal at MBS

Melissa Aw
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Charlie Chow proposing to his girlfriend. (Photo courtesy of Marina Bay Sands)

This is one marriage proposal that will be hard to forget.

On Friday night, 28-year-old Charlie Chow took a leap of courage, gathered his friends and performed a flash mob to the tunes of "Marry You" by Bruno Mars in front of 80 people at the entrance of Marina Bay Sands' (MBS) ArtScience Museum.

But little did his girlfriend of three years, Wu Wai Teng -- who was amongst the crowd gathered -- know that the performance had a hidden message minutes later, as Chow went on bended knees, with a bouquet in hand and popped the golden question - "Will you marry me?"

For the record, Wu said "Yes", much to the cheers of the elated crowd.

"A [marriage] proposal is once in a lifetime, it needs to be memorable," explained Chow to Yahoo! Singapore when asked about his unique location choice.

Chow added that he was inspired by a similar marriage proposal that took place in Downtown Disney and on the spur of the moment, decided to contact MBS to help him plan this surprise.

"Three years ago was the first time that we held hands. Our official anniversary is actually on the 5th of April, but it was too obvious [to propose to her on that day]. The element of surprise is the most important thing," Chow emphasised.

And it looks like Chow did a good job of keeping his plans under wraps from his fiancée.

"But more importantly, I don't understand how he can dance!" she joked, as she said that this was the first time that she saw Chow put on his dancing shoes.

But turning to a more serious note, 20-year-old Wu affirmed that their age gap of eight years has never been a barrier in their relationship.

"Age is just a number. [What's more important is] mutual understanding and that we love each other. Marriage is just a matter of time," she said, adding that it was "her dream" to get married by the age of 21.

"If you understand each other, getting married is not a huge commitment, but just a vow to stay with each other… It's a blessing to be with him, " she said.

If all goes well, wedding bells will ring for the couple next year.

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