German supermarket's cashiers ring up a Christmas surprise

You’re standing in line at the supermarket, waiting for your turn to pay for the groceries. It’s a pretty mundane time for you as everyone in the market are busy preparing for Christmas.

Suddenly the lights go out, and you hear the beginnings of a familiar tune from the beeping of the cashier’s scanner.

This is what happened at an Edeka supermarket in Germany, where patrons were treated to an innovative and unique musical performance by the cashiers.

The classic “Jingle Bells” tune was played using the typical cash-beeping from the cashier counter. Together with beat-boxing and synchronised red and green lights, the ‘Jingle Bells’ performance brought smiles to customers’ faces.

The video, titled “EDEKA – Kassensymphonie” (Cash Symphony), was created and uploaded on Youtube on 30 November by the German supermarket chain itself. It was filmed with 13 hidden cameras and performed by 9 cashiers using the grocery scanner as the Christmas tune was played.

The video has since gotten more than 4 million views on Youtube and has been shared on various social media platforms.

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