London fishmonger shoots to fame with “One Pound Fish” jingle

Could this fishmonger from UK be the next big thing since "Gangnam Style"?

Err…perhaps maybe not, but at least East London market has its very own singing sensation.

An amateur video featuring Muhammed Shahid Nazir, better known as the "One Pound Fish Man", has propelled the little-known fish seller to stardom. The two-minute video shot in April, which shows him peddling his fish at Queen's Market through a silly sing-along to anyone who would listen, has gone viral with 4 millions views to date.

"Have-a, have-a look, one pound fish. Very, very good, very, very cheap, one pound fish," goes the song.

The 31-year-old shot to even more nationwide attention after failing to make the cut on Britain's reality music show, X Factor UK. However, he has since been signed on by Warner Music Group, releasing his first single aptly titled "One Pound Fish" in time for Christmas.

The video of the song, which has already hit 1 million views since it was uploaded on December 10, shows him singing the same song but in all its full glitz and glamour.

"It's a dream come true. The feeling of fame is divine. I never thought anything like this will happen to me one day in my life," says Nazir.

Will this flashy video be part of the next 'Gangnam Style'? Time will tell but in true heart-warming fashion, Nazir tells British tabloid The Sun that he will always work at his fish stall because that's what he loves.

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