Maris Stella High School students create Kung Fu movie tribute to teachers

Facebook screengrab of "Kung Fu Movie Spoof" by Maris Stella High School students.

Handling a classroom of students is hard work, especially when the class is made up of troublemakers and bullies.
The stress would make a teacher want to break out the Kung Fu moves when provoked.

To show appreciation for their teachers, a group of students from Maris Stella High School‘s media club and their teacher, Tao Yi Jun, got together to produce an amateur Kung Fu movie spoof.
The six-minute video, which was posted on Tao’s Facebook profile on 10 September, has since garnered close to 1,000 shares.
The video shows Tao, who plays a Physics teacher, having a kung fu-inspired battle with her students after one throws a shoe in her direction.

Watch Tao wield a long ruler like an accomplished swordmaster against the unruly class.

Entertainment value aside, the short clip ends on a meaningful note that reminds students of the importance of a teacher’s role in their lives.