Can ‘No Pants Day’ take off in Singapore?

Taiwanese had plenty of reasons to go to work on 'No Pants' Day. (Screenshot:
Taiwanese had plenty of reasons to go to work on 'No Pants' Day. (Screenshot:

By Ang Kai Fong

Yahoo! Singapore

No pants commuters invaded deeper into Asia last week, as dozens of young Taiwanese girls, unencumbered by skirts, jeans or modesty, took part in a spontaneous showing of leg.

Yes, you got that right -— the pretty lasses, whose upper halves were wrapped with seasonally-appropriate winter garb, were clad only in panties bottom-down. Here's proof:

'No Pants Day' girls in Taiwan turn heads everywhere. (Photo:
'No Pants Day' girls in Taiwan turn heads everywhere. (Photo:

Just last month, the 10th annual "No Pants Subway Ride" saw hundreds of New York subway riders strip down to their skivvies, a serious feat considering the sub-freezing temperatures. Also staged in Chicago, Sydney, Mexico and some 45 other cities in two dozen countries around the world, the unusual — almost absurd — happening is aimed at eliciting random giggles.

"If anyone asks you why you've removed your pants, tell them that they were 'getting uncomfortable'", instructions to emailed participants said.

No Pants Day -- the male version. (Photo: Getty)
No Pants Day -- the male version. (Photo: Getty)

The idea is to create a "celebration of silliness," said the man responsible for people freezing in unison in Grand Central Station, a stunt whose YouTube video garnered more than 24 million hits. Charlie Todd, 32, is the low-key founder of the trouble-making collective Improv Everywhere.

While a hit among Western countries, the only Asian country said to have participated in the event last year was Tokyo, Japan. And much to netizens' pleasure, Taiwan has made it into the 2011 list with its recent bottomless outing in Taipei.

Said one local reader who saw the video of the mission, "I would love to be on those trains the girls are on!"

"Wonder if it would happen in Singapore, but I doubt so," he added.

Very unlikely, most might agree. But, why not?

One of the few rules of the game is to keep a straight face, and isn't that exactly what we Singaporeans are well-trained at?

Let's not forget Singapore's ambivalent attitude to nudity, or the fact that promiscuity is rising. Remember the man who went buck naked into McDonald's to buy a coffee just a few months ago? How about the woman who took off all her clothes and boarded a public bus?

A little over-enthusiastic it seems, but hey — we've got potential.

So, who's on first?

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