‘Singlish’ video made in US goes viral

Rahimah Rashith
What’s buzzing?

A "how-to-speak-Singlish" video shot by a group of Americans and their Singaporean friends is going viral.

The three-minute amateur YouTube video, titled Sinful English, starts in dramatic fashion where a fill-in President Obama proclaims, "Every day thousands of Americans fall victim to FWCP, also known as first world communication problems".

Americans are then shown going about their daily lives but lose out when proper English communication gets too lengthy. The tongue-in-cheek video then shows them how to make themselves understood in chop-chop, double-quick time — by using Singlish.

According to local tabloid The New Paper, US-based Singaporeans Shawn Tan and Leandro Siow are behind the hilarious video, which has been since been viewed over 200,000 times since it was uploaded late last month.

Tan, 24, who is working in the film industry as a production crew member, and Siow, 26, who is studying film and television at California State University, said they were feeling homesick when they came up with the idea of shooting a "guide-to-Singlish" video.

"Singlish is not something to be embarrassed about. In fact it's just the way we Singaporeans speak to bring our meanings across emotionally and efficiently", said Tan.

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