Skydiver to break sound barrier in freefall from edge of space

What’s buzzing?

Felix Baumgartner will attempt a mission no man has tried before. (Red Bull Stratos)

UPDATE 10/10, 8AM:  The mission was aborted on Tuesday evening, Singapore time, due to high winds. A new bid could be made later this week, a spokeswoman said, but everything depends on the weather.

"Today's launch has been aborted... due to wind gusts making an attempt too risky," read a statement on the Red Bull Stratos mission's website.

It is a mission that's literally out of this world.

Late on Tuesday evening, Singapore time, one man will jump out at the edge of space and freefall into the Earth at supersonic speed.

It will be highest and fastest free fall in history. The man crazy enough to do it is  extreme skydiver and seasoned BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner, 43.

Just to give you an idea, the Austrian will jump from Earth's stratosphere at an altitude of more than 36 kilometre and free fall for about 3 minutes and 40 seconds, faster than the sound of speed.

Felix is a seasoned BASE jumper and extreme skydiver. (Red Bull Stratos)

[See photos of his test jumps]

A million and one things could go wrong for this mission that has been five years in the making.

Should air pressure get too much and his specially-made US$200,000 suit should malfunction, things could get messy -- very messy.

His blood could boil, his lungs could over inflate and the vessels in his brains could burst.

Felix Baumgartner will jump and freefall 32-km from space. (Red Bull Stratos infographic).

The project, Red Bull Stratos, aims to stretch human limits to advance scientific and medical understanding in space exploration and human flight.

The mission, which was pushed back by 24 hours to make sure weather conditions were perfect for this maiden mission, will happen tonight, starting at 8pm, Singapore time.

Wearing only his pressurized suit and a parachute, he will pause at the hatch of a tiny capsule as it ascends into space before jumping out.

Watch the live stream below.