Taiwanese student gets flamed for stuffing pet cat into plastic bottle

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University student in Taiwan flamed for photo of pet cat put in plastic bottle. (YouTube screengrab)

Is this punishment really necessary for the cat?

A female university student in Taiwan has angered many online citizens after posting two Facebook photos of the “punishment” she gave to her furry white cat.

One photo showed the cat squeezed in a plastic bottle, according to Want China Times.

Identified as Kiki Lin, the student said in her post on Monday, “Cat in a bottle, punishment for behaving badly”, the report said, adding that the posts have been deleted and Lin has since apologised for her actions.

Photo of pet cat Kiki put in a plastic bottle angered online citizens after it was posted on Facebook. This photo has been taken down.(Online screengrab)

She has also been reported to the authorities for animal abuse and has been charged with animal protection law violations after the Animal Protection and Health Inspection office in Taiwan reported the case to prosecutors for criminal investigations, according to The Daily Mail, adding that if found guilty, she can face an expensive fine and up to a year in jail.

Many angry online citizens had earlier criticised her actions and called her an animal abuser after seeing her posts on Facebook.

Lin had responded to them by saying that the posters had “too much time on their hands”, The Daily Mail said.

Lin, whose pet cat is also named Kiki, explained her actions to The China Post saying that she was experimenting with ways to transport the cat. In another interview with a local media, Lin further explained that the cat has grown strong and could wiggle out of anything. She wanted to bring the cat out to play but did not want to bring its big cage with her.