Top 5 stories for Friday, 13 September 2013

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Here are today's top five stories in case you missed the headlines.

New Delhi gang rapists sentenced to death

Police stand guard outside the Saket Court Complex in New Delhi on September 13, 2013. A judge has sentenced four men to death for the fatal gang rape of an Indian student on a bus last December, triggering applause inside the packed courtroom

The four New Delhi gang rapists, who shocked the nation when they raped a woman in a bus and tortured her with an iron rod, were sentenced to death on Friday. One of the men, 20-year-old Vinay Sharma, broke down in tears as the sentence was announced.

Spare my son, begs mother of Delhi gang rapist

Indian activists of the Bhartiya Janta Party Scheduled Caste Morcha, shout slogans as they hold posters of four accused in a gang rape case of a student in New Delhi during a demonstration in Amritsar on September 11, 2013

The mother of one of the New Delhi gang rapists called for leniency for her 20-year-old son whom she said was led astray. Vinay Sharma was working in a gym at the time of the crime and is the only one among the convicts who completed school. The mother said, "The judge should give them a second chance to reform themselves. Even God gives every person a second chance.”

Ngee Ann Poly cheerleader dies from head injury

Student Lai Qing Xiang passed away last night from head injuries sustained a fortnight ago. (Photo from Lai Qing's Facebook)

A Ngee Ann Polytechnic student passed away on Thursday due to injuries sustained from cheerleading. He was attempting a backflip two weeks ago when he fell and hurt his head during practice with the squad, Magnum Force. He had been in a coma ever since. All training sessions have been suspended while police investigations take place, according to a statement from the polytechnic.

Dad wears short shorts to teach daughter a lesson, becomes online celeb

Scott Mackintosh in his Daisy Dukes. Photo: Your Favorite Blog/Tumblr

A father in the US got so fed up with his teenage daughter’s too-short shorts that he taught her a fashion lesson she will never forget. Scott Mackintosh publicly modeled himself wearing his own short shorts and in the process, became an Internet hero on Tumblr.
Waitress gets $200k tip from customer: scam or just generous?

Customer gives this receipt to server in a US restaurant, stating that a US$200,000 tip to be included in the bill. Yahoo Newsroom - Receipt photo courtesy of Reddit.

A Reddit user who identified herself as a server at a US restaurant posted a receipt this week showing a $200,000 tip from a customer — but she said the payout will never land in her wallet. The customer had paid the bill with a Visa card, signed and left. However, the credit card company declined the tips as they were deemed "excessive"; the server would never see that hefty tip materialise.