Top 5 stories for Thursday, 12 September 2013

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S$848 for ‘low cost’ iPhone 5C in Singapore

Yahoo Newsroom - Pricing for new iPhones. (Online screengrab)

Apple’s new low-cost iPhone 5C will go on sale for S$848 with no contract, according to newly released prices on Apple Singapore’s website. This comes a day after the two new models were unveiled in the US. The top-end model iPhone 5S will go for S$988. Local telcos have yet to release subsidised pricing list for the new iPhones.

Little dog in China ‘Huang Huang’ searches buses every day for missing owner

Dog 'Huang Huang' seen searching for missing owner in China. (Sreen shot from Sina Weibo)

A small yellow mongrel  in China – nicknamed “Huang Huang” by bus drivers – has become a viral sensation after it's been seen searching for its missing owner at a bus stop for the past 16 days since Monday, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Singapore announces lending curbs amid Asian household debt concerns

Credit cards(Getty Images)

Singapore announced new rules to cap credit card and other forms of unsecured lending by banks, amid growing concerns about rising household debt in Asia. The continent has seen consumer debt levels rise sharply in recent years due to low interest rates and aggressive lending by banks.

The Biggest Office Interruptions Are...

Asian woman working at an office. (Getty Images)

Face-to-face interruptions account for one-third of intrusions compared to emails or phone calls, which employees feel freer to defer or ignore. This is based on a 2011 study in the journal Organization Studies. Other research data published earlier this year links frequent interruptions to higher rates of exhaustion, stress-induced ailments and a doubling of error rates.

Former Gombak footballer Adrian Dhanaraj passes away Association of Singapore - Former Gombak footballer Adrian Dhanaraj passes away

Former S League footballer Adrian Dhanaraj, 29, has sadly passed away on Wednesday night after a hard-fought battle against cancer. The player, who had his birthday just last week, was diagnosed late last year with stage two of Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is a cancer of the lymph nodes, forcing him to take a break from football.