Top 5 stories for Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Melissa Law
What’s buzzing?

We know you might have been busy and missed the headlines of the day.

Here are five stories you need to know:

Is danger on the horizon for Singapore banks?
Last month, Moody’s downgraded Singapore banks’ creditworthiness from “stable” to “negative”. This report does a further breakdown of the performance of Singapore’s banks, concluding that Singapore’s banking system will remain stable.

Firefighters rescue Chinese woman dangling from balcony

A Chinese woman was found dangling from her balcony on the fifth-storey, after getting into a fight with her boyfriend. When she fell, her boyfriend managed to catch her and hold on to her until the firefighters arrived.

Buying Singapore land today ‘suicidal’?
Billionaire property developer Kwek Leng Beng of City Developments Limited said recently that buying land from Government Land Sales is “suicidal”, due to the high prices. In addition, the requirement that units must be sold within two years of completion means that developers would have to “buy high and sell low”.

Outrage in Malaysia over use of Muslim prayer room

Malaysia has been hit by a fresh religious row, this time involving a Muslim prayer room in a resort that was used by Buddhist tourists for worship. A video recording the prayer session was uploaded on YouTube on Sunday, sparking outrage and even calls for the tourists to be banned from the country.

Y! meets ‘Ah Boys To Men’ stars: Lobang King shares his biggest lobang
Wang Wei Liang, who stars as Bang Lee Onn or “Lobang King” in Jack Neo’s hit military film series, shares with Yahoo! Singapore about his biggest lobang. He and Tosh Zhang even show us some of their talents in singing and dancing.