Top 5 stories for Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Melissa Law
What’s buzzing?

We know you might have been busy and missed the headlines of the day.

Here are five stories you need to know:

Singapore firms must brace for talent exit by 2014
According to a global study by Hay Group, Singapore firms face a rising threat of a talent exodus as economic and labour market conditions improve. According to an industry expert, Singapore employers must establish solutions to keep high value employees from leaving in search of more favourable work arrangements.

K by Kumar: Kumar’s National Day Rally

Starting in October 2013, ‘K by Kumar’ offers an unfiltered view on Asian issues, delivered in Kumar’s signature off-the-cuff, spontaneous style. Get a dose of it in this preview, where Kumar gives his very own National Day Rally speech.

Indian submarine explodes with 18 on board
A diesel-powered Indian submarine exploded and sank in a Mumbai dock, leaving 18 sailors missing. The cause of the explosion is not known and the search for the 18 personnel is still ongoing. Divers were deployed once firefighters extinguished the flames, which took several hours.

Malaysia may use Crime Prevention Act to keep gangsters in check
The Malaysian government is looking at a law that will allow authorities to hold crime suspects for over a month, in order to counter gangland and underworld syndicate-linked serious crimes that have recently been on the rise.

F4 member Van Ness Wu to marry Singaporean
Taiwanese singer Van Ness Wu has filed a notice of marriage to wed long-time Singaporean girlfriend Arissa Cheo, after dating on-and-off for years. The couple submitted their notice of marriage on 9 August 2013, a few days before the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Wu met Cheo, the daughter of a Singaporean business tycoon, when she was featured in the music video of his 2006 song, "My Kingdom".