Tourists’ vicious fist fight on Thai Airways airline caught on video

Three passengers on board a Thai Airways plane travelling from Bangkok to Beijing last month got into the fight of their lives after an apparent argument over seats.

The fist brawl between the three Mandarin-speaking passengers started when the woman launches into a punch against a man sitting behind her, who had reportedly asked her to straighten her seat. According to a YouTube comment by MissRen, this made the man behind her to feel “uncomfortable” and a war of words quickly spiraled into a vicious fisticuff, which soon also included the woman’s incensed male partner.

Soon they started throw objects before throwing punches against one another, in full view of the shocked cabin. The fight was eventually broken up by fellow Chinese passengers sitting around them.

“The argument became a little too heated for the guy on the left [of the video], and he had to be extracted from the plane by paramedics. He seemed to be fine,” said uploader Lauritzsen in the video description.

The video was posted on YouTube on 15 February and has since garnered close to 200,000 views.

The director of Thai Airways’ flight operations safety department, Chatree Pongsak, confirmed the incident and said the fight took place on 12 Feb. According to the Bangkok Post, Chatree said that flight attendants had “implemented standard procedures” to break up the fight. The passengers were then seated at different spots on the plane.

This is not the first time brawls have happened on planes.

In a video posted in September 2012, China Forbidden News reported two drunken passengers beating each other up while on a flight travelling from Switzerland to China, causing the flight to return. The two were fighting over a seat disagreement.

Watch the news report below (forget the lame subtitles):