Hilarious trailer for jobs website goes viral

What’s buzzing?

A 90-second video promoting a Singapore-based community jobs website is going viral.

Brilliantly creative and hilarious at the same time, the tongue-in-cheek video shows an elderly former massage therapist getting harassed by his shapely young female colleagues after they discover the former's talent with his hands.

Throughout the video, the man complains in deadpan fashion and in fluent Hokkien about how his new female workmates, all in various states of undress, try to get him to lay his hands on them for a rubdown.

The final tagline -- "Take a closer look before you take that job" -- encourages jobseekers to visit jobiness.com to do their research on their new job and company before taking the plunge.

Entitled "Old Man Gets Sexually Harassed by Sexy Colleagues", the clip that was uploaded last Saturday has already been viewed over 300,000 times.

The trailer promotes a new start-up, jobiness.com, which describes itself as a "career community that offers an inside look into organizations and serves as a platform for companies to increase employer branding."

It says its differentiating factor is its user- generated content, which encourages users to post information about company salaries, culture as well as office photos.

The site, currently in beta mode, also has versions in Australia and India.

Watch and enjoy, and if Jack Neo's reading this, get the elderly uncle a role in your next production.

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