Transsexual wows in Thai talent contest

Elena Torrijos
What’s buzzing?

She is pretty, she sings well, and she stunned everyone on Thailand's Got Talent when she started singing in a man's voice.

Bell Nuntita, 27, is a transsexual contestant who wowed the judges and the audience when halfway through her audition piece, she changed her feminine singing voice to a very masculine bass.

Her appearance in the show is not unusual in a country where it is accepted for men to undergo sex change to become a woman when he feels out of place in his body.

"Katoeys (the Thai name for men who undergo sex change) are common in Thailand, so no one really criticizes her or makes a big deal out of it," said Thai student Bay Wallapa.

She added, "But even though I'm used to seeing katoeys in Thailand, I was still so shocked when she suddenly switched voices. She's very good."

Her Youtube clip without English subtitles alone has garnered half a million views; the one with subtitles also has another half a million.

Famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was so amazed at her talent, calling her "truly a wonderous talent to behold."

When her friend posted the link on Facebook, Singaporean Shahida Hassim commented,  "I keep watching this over and over again. She is so pretty. Her voice is beautiful. His voice is so manly."

Said Anjali Ragu, Singaporean student currently on exchange in a Thai university, "It was creepy and cool at the same time, I couldn't even tell that she was transsexual."