Young S’pore duo flamed online for refusing to leave nursing room

The two boys were recorded refusing to leave the nursing room for a lady who needed to nurse her infant. (YouTube screengrab)The two boys were recorded refusing to leave the nursing room for a lady who needed to nurse her infant. (YouTube …

Here we go again.

Hot on the heels of the senior Barclays banker who got fired and the Amy Cheong saga, here are two Singapore boys now risking the mighty wrath of enraged netizens.

In the latest case, the pair of boys -- who look like they're still in their teens -- are being flamed online left, right and centre after camping out at a nursing room at the Woodlands Regional Library on Sunday afternoon, 4th November.

Despite being repeatedly asked to leave by a mother who wanted to use the room to breastfeed her young 'un, the foolish young duo chose to remain childishly defiant.

One of them, who was fiddling with his PSP and didn't even bother to look up most of the time, even dared to flash his middle finger at the mother, who recorded the entire episode, presumably on her smartphone.

"You better not put me in stomp. My parents are very important people. They are really big people k," he also muttered.

The boys eventually left the room after a library staff reprimanded them, but not before they left McDonald's litter all over the room.

The rest, as they say, is social media history. A one-minute clip of their antics was uploaded on YouTube last Friday and has since been viewed over 10,000 times to date.

The pair are now being tagged as #SGBreastfeedingBoys on Twitter, as reported by local blog Alvinology.

What makes their case a little more foolish is that the duo were actually warned the video would be put up on citizen journalism site STOMP. Their story has also been featured on The New Paper.

Ah, the brashness of youth. No doubt, this little episode will serve as a useful life lesson for the foolhardy duo.

And hopefully, force them to grow up. Fast.

Watch the video here.

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