Bloodied Older Man Knocked to the Ground Amid Clashes at Hong Kong Suffrage Protest

A man, described locally as elderly, was pushed to the ground and left bloodied on January 19 during a confrontation with police in riot gear working to control a universal suffrage protest in Hong Kong.

Police used tear gas and water cannon were on the streets, according to reports, after two police officers were reportedly injured during the planned rally.

Protesters were calling for a boycott of the Communist Party, reports said.

This video shows a man with greying hair being surrounded by police and knocked to the ground. An AFK reporter, Xinqi Su, said the rush on the man led to a two-minute battle on the street. This video shows projectiles being fired up towards people on a nearby staircase.

Ezra Cheung, a New York Times contributor at the scene, said the reason for the man’s arrest was not immediately clear. Credit: Campus TV, HKUSU via Storyful