These are the ‘Bluey’ episodes that we’d LOVE to see

“Bluey” has already gifted us with 151 remarkable episodes, with the most recent batch coming out just months ago, but there’s still so much more we can learn from The Heelers (because, let’s face it, “Bluey” is just as much a show for parents as it is for kids).

Since 2018, we’ve learned so much about Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli, and have met so many friends and family members that there’s a lot of setup for future episodes. TikToker and self-proclaimed “Bluey Stan” @world.shaker has posted some brilliant content about the show on social media and recently shared a list of 11 episodes of “Bluey” that don’t exist yet—but should (and honestly, we couldn’t agree more)!

Bluey episodes that need to exist

His first suggestion is an episode where Rad (Bluey and Bingo’s uncle) and Frisky (their babysitter) have a baby, after pointing out he believes the show hinted at Frisky being pregnant. He also suggested an episode about Bandit getting roped into a game with The Heelers’ neighbor boys Chucky and Lucky and simply calling it “Bluey’s Dad.”

He’d also love to see an episode about Bluey’s school friend Winton’s parents divorce (it’s known they’re not together anymore), and some other heavier subjects, including coping with the passing of someone in their extended family, since we already know Chilli’s mom died when she was a kid, and finding out what happened to Bandit’s dad Bob. “You know they would wreck us with that episode,” he said.

Speaking of Chilli’s mom, he also suggested a flashback episode from Chilli’s childhood so we could see her mom and dad Mort together, as well as a lighter flashback episode about Bandit and Pat (Lucky and Chucky’s dad) when they became friends in college. He’d also like to see more of Chilli’s sister Brandy and have the show explore her journey into potential parenthood where she “either has a kid or adopts a kid or just comes to terms with the fact that she won’t be able to have a child,” and an episode where we see Bluey learn to be a big sister over the years after Bingo is born.

World Shaker also gives some examples of episodes that showcase the amazing world of play that Bluey encapsulates, including a “swap day” episode where Bluey and Bingo are the parents and Bandit and Chilli are the kids, and a “shadow puppet” episode where “the power goes out and Bingo is afraid of the dark, so they use shadow puppets as a way to sort of tell a whimsical story to keep her distracted.”
These are all great ideas, and whatever the creators of Bluey come up with next is sure to bring laughter, tears and all the feels.