BMW M4 CSL spy photos reveal unique nasal decorations

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Egads. As expected, there's a new, higher-performance version of the most recent BMW M4 — you know, the one with the schnoz — on the way, and it's packing an even more ostentatious version of the oversized kidneys that BMW has featured for decades. The new variant, which we presume will carry the CSL designator, has been spotted testing in Europe wearing what appears to be a very aggressive aero package.

The most prominent update to the standard M4 are, as you've probably come to expect from the team led by head of brand design Domagoj Dukec, to its face. There are four angular intakes flanking the lower fascia under the big nostrils, effectively making blank space the most notable styling detail. The grille itself looks to have a unique pattern applied inside the openings, almost in an exaggerated honeycomb pattern at the edges that may match that of the blacked-out wheels. A large splitter is affixed to the bottom, extending well past the rest of the car's fascia, and what look like more cooling ducts sitting at the edges just above. Unique headlights can also be seen.

A ducktail spoiler can clearly be seen in the profile pictures, standing out despite the swirly camouflage. What we cannot see are the rear lights, which we assume means they are, like the front headlights, unique to this new variant. The camo over the rocker panels makes us believe there must be some extensions added. We expect there's plenty of lightweight carbon fiber hiding under the black-and-white patterns, including the entire roof panel.

With no shots of what's sitting underhood, we can't be sure what powertrain this track-ready prototype is sporting. Rumors suggest a tweaked version of BMW's S58 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine producing 540 horsepower. Those ponies would be shuffled to the rear wheels via an automatic transmission that we'd guess will have eight ratios. If true, that would make this BMW's most powerful production six-cylinder. We wouldn't be surprised if a similar model were in the works for the four-door M3.

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