BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is a futuristic electric mini-bike

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BMW Motorrad, the German automaker's motorcycle division, has been on a roll with designs, both retro and futuristic. The former has seen the launch of a classic-looking cruiser as well as a sport bike, and the latter has seen a big, bold electric scooter. The just revealed Concept CE 02 takes from the latter design philosophy, but applies it to a small, fun, and presumably affordable mini-bike.

The CE 02 looks like it's roughly the size of something like a Honda Grom. But instead of a little piston engine in the middle, there's a small battery and a 15-horsepower electric motor. BMW says the battery is good for 56 miles and the motor can get the 265-pound bike up to 56 mph.

The design is minimalist and utilitarian, with few extraneous curves or flares. The chunky disc wheels fit nicely and provide a nice surface for customizing with graphics. They stand out with the one-sided swing-arm, too. There's a bit of storage with the space between the seat panel and the frame, as well as the bright blue elastic strap.

Though it's just a concept at the moment, we could absolutely see BMW offering this mini-bike, even looking mostly like it does now. The CE 04 started out as a wild concept, and now it's a wild production scooter. The CE 02 would be a great companion to it, or even an entry point to the BMW motorcycle range.

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