BN rolls out 'strongest election machinery ever' ahead of GE14


KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional today launched its biggest election machinery for the 14th General Election (GE14), which will see an integrated working force between all coalition wings and components.

Dubbed Jalinan Rakyat Plus" or JR Plus, the machinery is primarily an extension of Umno Wanita's JR which had been said to be successful in its on-the-ground campaign.

In launching the Umno-BN Wanita-led machinery, BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak said no party wings and components should work in silo, and all information must be shared and deliberated collectively before taking a necessary action.

"I am not saying that all of you did not do work in the previous general election. You did, but we must do more by not working in silos.

"We must share the information gathered, and don't let it goes un-addressed. Share the information, look into them and take the necessary action.

"We should stop being territorial about jurisdiction. We all know that sharing is caring," Najib said to at least 5,000 BN component members, whom mostly are from Umno at the Merdeka Hall, PWTC today.

He said JR Plus is also inspired by the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS), which saw the integration of agencies in executing duties and services.

"Look at NBOS. Nowhere in the world you can see the police and army patrolling together. You can see NBOS' implementation in the Urban Transformation Centre and Rural Transformation Centre.

"And now, we are adopting NBOS in JR Plus. This is the strongest BN election machinery ever," Najib said.

On GE14, Najib said BN would win even if the polls were to be held this year or the next.

"We can win. Which one is better? You want it (GE14) early or later?" asked Najib to a roaring respond of "early!" from the crowd.

Najib however reminded that although BN would win, a detailed preparation is always needed to prevent complacency.

"We should not leave anything to chance. I always believe that before we take on a huge task, a detailed preparation is always necessary."