BNF chief labels politician Naji 'first Mir Jafar' of Gilgit Baltistan after bye-poll win

Brussels, Apr. 29 (ANI): The chairman of the Balawaristan National Front (BNF), Abdul Hamid Khan, has described fellow politician Nawaz Khan Naji as the "first Mir Jafar of Gilgit Baltistan" after he won the bye-elections in Ghazer District.

In a press release, Khan said: "Some people say that this is the victory of nationalism and some send congratulation for BNF. We are still struggling for freedom from the occupation of Punjabistan and we are on the way of victory. If you mean the Ghazer by-election, then it is a temporary victory for Pakistanis and their ISI not for the real BNF.

Khan further said that ISI has successfully manipulating nationalism by entering a pseudo-nationalist like Naji who is going to bury nationalism by taking the oath of loyalty of Pakistan.

"He is following in the footsteps of Dr. Muzaffar Reley. Naji was first threatened by the ISI, and then, he was trapped when he was in London. Now, his whole struggle is to defuse nationalism by using the name of nationalism. I hope the real nationalists of Poonyal and Ishkomen and rest of Balawaristan will soon realise how ISI used them unintentionally to derail the real nationalism," Khan said.

He said that it was not a victory for the nationalists, but for the ISI.

Khan also claimed that the ISI was spreading propaganda about him, such as that he had given money to have Naji killed, all of which was baseless.

He challenged the "occupation regime and the administration of Ghazer" to investigate these rumours and take action against those spreading them. By Cynthia Chandran(ANI)