Boat Gets Stranded Atop Rocks in English Channel, Survivors Rescued After 12 Hours

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A boat got stuck in the air, 10ft on top of a rock off the coast of Jersey. On the morning of September 10, the motor cruiser collided with an underwater reef, leaving the vessel high and dry. Since the little vessel was unable to move, a rescue operation was launched which continued for a duration of 12 hours. With help from the local coastguards and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), the Emergency services crew transferred the boat back to shore.

The rescue mission turned out to be successful as the stranded boat was plucked to safety. The casualty vessel’s crew was transferred to the main island by Seafaris. They were already stationed on the site conduction — a scheduled tour of the reef. The St Catherine’s crew performed casualty assessments and minor injuries were reported from the impact.

An RNLI Jersey spokesperson informed LADbible that a lifeboat was given the task to do initial assessment of the motor boat at the Ecrehous reef. The boat was in a precarious position, the person informed. Since the boat was clear of water on a falling spring tide, there were no signs of immediate danger. The decision to transfer them back to Jersey was taken liaising with Jersey Coastguard, using the RNLI Jersey all-weather lifeboat launched from St Helier. The Seafaris RIB, which was used for the mission, has a ladder to make the shore-to-boat transfers easier.

The spokesperson added that the St Catherine’s crew recovered the lifeboat and prepared it for her next service. This was the final outcome of over rigorous 12 hours of service. The spokesperson also extended gratitude to Jersey Coastguard and Jersey Seafaris for coordinating the rescue and their assistance on the day.

On Facebook, the official page of Jersey Seafaris shared a post on the incident. It was posted with a caption that reads, “An unusual day at Les Ecrehous to say the least. Thankfully no major injuries and the boat made it back to Gorey.”

A user of the social networking platform commented, “Glad to hear that all are safe and the boat recovered.” Another lauded the efforts of all those involved in the operation. The individual pointed out that this was possible due to common sense and good seamanship.

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