Body of mudslide victim spotted in Kinabatangan


KINABATANGAN: A body, believed to be that of a mudslide victim, was spotted at Kampung Mangkawagu this morning.

Sabah Fire and Rescue Department public relations officer Katizah Rahaban said a search team has been mobilised to the location to retrieve the body.

“The operation team at Sungai Milian, Pinangah has been divided into two groups to carry out a search both downstream and upstream at the river,” she said.

On April 1, a family of 11 was swept into Sungai Labou after a mudslide hit their workers quarters.

In the tragedy, estate worker Abdul Kahalayan, 50; his wife Jalikah Malingkut, 50; and their 18-year-old son Joshnam survived while eight others including the couple’s children and grandchildren, went missing.

On Tuesday, five bodies were found in separate locations, namely in Kampung Masaum, Kampung Mangkawago, and Kampung Pasik.

Another body, that of a child, was retrieved at Sungai Milian on Wednesday.

More than 50 people were involved in the effort which involved the Fire and Rescue Department, police, Civil Defence Force, plantation workers and villagers in the surrounding area which is near the Nabawan-Tongod border.