Bold Indonesian hijabi sex manual author appears in condom ad, sets internet abuzz

Milad Hassandarvish
Author and Instagram influencer Citra Ayu Mustika sets the internet abuzz with her advertisement on online adult marketplace. – Picture via Twitter/redditindonesia

KUALA LUMPUR, November 12 – Indonesian sex manual author and Instagram influencer Citra Ayu Mustika has shocked and tickled internet users with a cheeky advertisement to promote her book titled Uncensored along with condoms.

The advertisement that caught the attention of many internet users was spotted on Jakarta-based online adult shop

What made the advertisement extra distinct was the portrayal of Citra Ayu in hijab, which often is a rare mix in a condom or adult products commercials.


A screengrab of the banner ad, which has been circulating on Twitter, is showing a promotional bundle which consisted of her book, a box of durex condoms and a “joy kit,” a bonus for those who purchase the book through the website.

According to the website’s description, Uncensored highlights a set of guidelines for “solehot wives,” a play on the combination of the words “solehah” (pious woman) and “hot” (referring to sexy).


The mother-of-two and bank employee is widely known for boldly discussing marriage issues that includes sex, feelings, finance and many common household problems.

Citra Ayu is also seen unashamedly sharing intimate stories about her and her husband along with tips on breastfeeding success and post-natural sex for her more than 137,000 followers on Instagram.


Her followers, mostly young mothers, have praised Citra Ayu’s bold move for openly highlighting such controversial topics.

Many of her fans have also defended Citra Ayu by slamming her critics online.

“I am annoyed. This is not about hijabi women or halal condoms,” commented one Twitter user.

“She is an Instagram celebrity who has shared many things about breastfeeding and new parents'

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