A booby trap: Singapore TikToker gets interesting surprise after massage session

In a rather chaotic storytelling video, TikTok user @Chonkycattt_ related how an impromptu visit to a massage place on her grandmother’s block turned out to be a wild experience.

She started the story by saying that the “craziest shit just happened” and that she wanted to “share her trauma”.

Having arrived an hour early to her grandparents’ place, she decided to get a quick massage at a spot, which was run by people from Vietnam.

“I love Vietnam people – I just love the culture, I love the people, I just love the country lah,” she says in the video.

She also added that she’s the oversharing type of customer, especially when someone asks ‘how are you?’. In this case, she said she was her usual chatty self with her masseuse, sharing her “struggles” and “insecurities”.

After the massage ended, her masseuse went to get tea for her but while waiting for the tea, she got “pulled into a dark room” – by the masseuse.

Thinking she was going to get some sort of hard sell attempt for her to buy a package, she did not expect what happened next.

“And then she took off her shirt and then she unclasped her bra. From the front,” Chonkycattt_ said.

By then she was in a state of disbelief and said she was speechless and “her mouth was fucking open” – but the way she processed it all (or didn’t) also added to the story.

She said she couldn’t help but think that her masseuse’s boobs looked great for someone her age, which she estimated to be 40+. “It was super round and super juicy and doesn’t sag at all,” she added.

“It’s as if she legit did plastic surgery but she said those were her natural boobs. And she was looking at me like hmmm, how are they?”

She ended the video with some jokes and even more compliments on her masseuse’s boobs and pink nipples. We’re all for ladies lifting other ladies up.

Now she’s got your attention…

Needless to say, the comment section went nuts – which she preempted at the end of her video by saying that “every single guy, including my brother” is now asking her for the location of the shop.

Some tried to be sneaky about it, while some just came across as slightly creepy.

So is it a massage parlour with a shady side business, or just an auntie who wants to flaunt what she’s blessed with?

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