Boots with a cocaine pocket are actually for sale

Dolls Kill is selling boots that allow you to hide your “stash.” (Photo: Dolls Kill)

Online retailer Dolls Kill is known for expressing a reckless approach to fashion, addressing their customers as “riot girls” who like to raise hell and go against the norm. In an effort to encourage shoppers to embrace their individuality, the site uses graphic images and language to appeal to their stylish “dolls,” pulling inspiration from “the digital Tumblr girl world, bad acid trips, underground counterculture and stylized gutter punks.” Their latest shoes are surely all that and more.

A banner on the Dolls Kill website reads “For the misfits n’ miss legits.” (Photo: Dolls Kill)

“Our dolls portray a mood of effortlessness in any style they possess,” the website reads. “They aren’t confined to one style — they like to test the boundaries of today’s society just to keep things interesting.” And test boundaries they do.

Actress Jenny McCarthy recently came across the website when shopping for boots online. Instead of finding something practical for herself, she found a pair of Jane Doe boots by the brand Current Mood. The below-the-knee black tie-up boots feature buckle and zipper detailing, as well as one little secretive pocket that the website says is for hiding your “stash.”

Product description for Current Mood’s Jane Doe boots on Dolls Kill. (Photo: Dolls Kill)

The product description on Dolls Kill reads: “These sikk boots feature a sleek matte black vegan leather construction, rounded toe, buckled details wrapped around tha calf, thick cutout treaded soles, small snap pockets on tha sides fer concealing yer stash, full length grommet ‘N wraparound style lace-ups, and side zip closures in case ya need to make a quick getaway.” Just in case you were wondering what the stash part is all about, they provide an image of the model tucking away a little baggie of what resembles cocaine.

“Hey, fashionistas! Checking out some boots to buy online and scrolled past these. Cocaine pouches are officially vogue,” McCarthy wrote in a Facebook post, in reaction to the Current Mood boots. “Finally, no need to hide drugs in your vagina anymore. Thank God for advances in fashion. The younger generation is so blessed.”

The actress’s post garnered a large response — both from people who understood her sarcastic tone and those who didn’t. While some condemned her for bringing more attention to the ridiculous advertising, others appreciated her obvious disapproval of the website’s intent.

“Why would someone produce and advertise such a thing! I’m angry at the boot…..Your post….hysterical,” one fan responded, along with others who agreed that the advertising was simply outrageous.

Dolls Kill provided Yahoo Lifestyle with a statement to reassure that the substance in the little bag is not what it seems, although they wouldn’t judge their customer for using it however they’d like.

Yep, we made that bad ass boot for our babes! Glitter is what’s in our image of the Jane Doe Boots. Who doesn’t love glitter? Although, you can stash whatever your heart desires in the little pocket…we won’t judge. The point is that the boot is dope and has a little pocket. If Gen X doesn’t get it, that’s ok with us. Anyways, last time we checked, cocaine doesn’t sparkle! Oh, and we love Jenny McCarthy – hey girl, lets party!”

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