Boris Johnson dubbed 'blond British wombat' during visit to Australia

Boris Johnson has been dubbed a “blond British wombat” during his visit to Australia.

The description was just one of a series of comedy descriptions of the Foreign Secretary by the Australian media during his recent visit.

Mr Johnson used the three-day visit, which followed a trip to New Zealand in which he compared a traditional Maori greeting to a ‘Glasgow kiss’, to promote post-Brexit opportunities with Britain.

Force of nature – Mr Johnson has certainly made an impression during his visit to New Zealand and Australia (Pictures: Getty)

Greg Sheridan, foreign editor at The Australian, dubbed Mr Johnson a “force of nature”.

He wrote: “Built somewhat low to the ground, and possessing a certain, solid quality, if it is not disrespectful to speak of the distinguished British Foreign Secretary thus, he looks something like a blond British wombat caught in a perpetual storm of his own making.”


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Referring to the Foreign Secretary’s “charm and wit and fun”, he added: “It ought not to be considered a crime against humanity to be a politician who is able to see the joke in things, and to possess both some wit and a self-deprecating sense of humour.”

Elsewhere in the Australian press, Mr Johnson was referred to as “a fan of wearing his tie long like President Trump, Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and hyperbole”.

Cultural ambassador – Mr Johnson described himself as an ‘unconscious Les Patterson’ when he visited Australia as a teen

And during a speech at the Lowy Institute, Mr Johnson recounted a tale of his own year-long visit to Australia as a teen, describing himself as a “kind of unconscious Les Patterson – a self-appointed and unwanted cultural ambassador”.