Tories tweet wrong date for Conservative manifesto launch

Blunder: Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the campaign trail at Jimmy Egan's Boxing Academy in Manchester. (AP)

The Conservative party have announced that they will launch their eagerly-awaited manifesto ahead of the General Election tomorrow.

But the party made a blunder - by initially announcing the wrong date.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was left red-faced when he re-tweeted a post by the Conservative party's official Twitter account informing followers that their manifesto would be landing today, on November 23rd.

However, the a spokesperson has assured Yahoo News that it will be launched tomorrow.

Both posts deleted minutes after they were posted after the blunder was noticed and corrected their mistake by tweeting that it would launch Sunday - but not before the Twittersphere cottoned onto the mistake.

Twitter user @Remain4U wrote: ‘Is it today or tomorrow?! You just deleted a tweet saying it was launching today?! #Weakandwobbly #GetBrexitGone.

@SectionY2018 tweeted: "Quick delete and get the date right’.

@milkywaykks also took a swipe at the Conservatives putting ow can we trust a government who can’t even get the date right?!’ while @DrDublin1 added: ‘We all saw you lie again about the date.’


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The spokesperson was not able to tell Yahoo news whether a mistake had been made.

The Conservatives are the last of the major parties to unveil their manifesto, with the Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos now public.

The Conservatives are the last of the major parties to unveil their manifesto, with the Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos now public. Here, Jeremy Corbyn. (AP)

Although Tory strategists have said that they would not comment on speculation, Boris Johnson has pledged to give the NHS “its biggest cash boost in history.”

The Conservatives website states: “Over one million NHS staff – nurses, midwives and cleaners - are getting a well-deserved pay rise of at least 6.5 percent and doctors will also see their pay increase.”

The Prime Minister also pledged that school funding would increase by £14 billion, and each secondary school pupil will receive £5,000 minimum funding and each primary school pupil will receive £4,000.

This is to make sure: “every child has the resources they need for a good education.”

Boris Johnson’s government is also to stop supporting fracking as the party seeks to neutralise Labour attacks on its environmental record.