Bose's new QuietComfort 45 headphones are $50 off right now

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Bose's latest QuietComfort 45 headphones only just became available and they're already on sale at Amazon. You can grab the cans for $279 right now, or $50 off their normal price. That's the best price we've seen in the short time these headphones have been available, so now's a good time to get them if you've had your eye on a new pair of headphones or if someone on your gift list could use them.

Buy Bose QuietComfort 45 at Amazon - $279

Bose's QuietComfort lineup is beloved for many reasons and the company didn't try to reinvent the wheel here. The QC45 look very similar to the QC35 that came before it. We recommend the Bose 700 if you're looking for a striking pair of headphones, but the QC45, while not the slickest, are super comfortable to wear for hours on end. The physical buttons for onboard controls let you play/pause, take calls, skip tracks and adjust the volume, plus switch between active noise cancellation and ambient sound mode. Notably, Bose nixed the micro-USB charging port and opted for a more modern USB-C port on these cans.

Sound quality and ANC are as good as you'd expect on a pair of Bose headphones. Audio is clear and balanced and ANC is even better than it was before. QuietComfort devices have been some of the best you can get if you want to block out the world, and Bose managed to improve upon it even more in the QC45 with the help of multiple microphones that work with a "proprietary digital chip" to detect and silence more mid-range frequencies. That means it'll quell the roar of the commuter train you may be riding along with the voices of colleagues on Zoom calls right next to you.

Bose promises up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge and we got around 22.5 hours in our testing. That means you'll be able to keep these cans on all day long if you want and still have some juice leftover at the end of a work day. As solid as these headphones are, they do have a few flaws. We mentioned their somewhat boring design, but that's easy to overlook thanks to the QC45's comfort level. You can't adjust EQ yourself, but the cans have volume-optimized Active EQ feature that adjusts highs and lows automatically. They also have a feature that lets you connect them to your phone and laptop at the same time, but they don't automatically reconnect to your second device after taking a call from your phone. It's a small issue, but one that's amplified when you consider other headphones in this price range do this automatically. However, if you're looking for the best that Bose has to offer — especially in the ANC department — this deal on the QC45 is one to consider.

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