Bows Down: Kuantan schools to stop archery on school premises after wayward arrow accident

Archers, stand down: Kuantan-area schools are being instructed to no longer allow for archery, and other dangerous sport such as discus throwing, activities on school grounds after a retiree’s car was hit by an arrow yesterday.

Kuantan District Education Officer Mohd Razali Mustafar clarified that schools had been told this before, and that the recent accident served as a reminder as to why such a rule has been enforced.

Tan Theam Lye was having a leisurely drive along Jalan Beserah in his Suzuki Swift, when an off-target arrow allegedly hit his back door.

The 62-year-old claims that he spotted four students practicing archery on their school’s grounds, while a teacher watched on. He was given RM300 (US$75) in compensation, but still felt that the school needed to up their safety standards.

Even schools with safety nets are being told to put their bows down, as a risk to students inside the zone is still present.

“We have to be firm in not allowing the school to conduct archery sessions on its grounds,” said Mohd Razali.

Archery-enthusiast teens worried about never picking up a bow and arrow again can rest assured that there are other places to practice: “We have suitable and safe areas for sports training and they need only go there to practice,” he said.

“Archery training should only be held at Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Talam in Indera Mahkota 15 here, which is well-equipped and meets the safety requirements.”

“However, its location may be far for the school concerned,” he admitted.

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