Boy beaten to death: Let his death be a lesson, says mum


TAWAU: THE parents of Mohd Ayieruchizamsyah Lambang, who was beaten to death, want to see justice served.

They hope the person who allegedly assaulted him will receive punishment that commensurates with his act.

But, more than that, they hope the murder of their son would serve as a lesson to everyone that matters should never be taken into one’s own hands.

Ayieruchizamsyah’s mother, Haryani Lahabe, 49, said the family was doing their best to cope with their loss.

“This could have been avoided if the other party had acted rationally. Any problem or misunderstanding could have been solved properly. My son’s attacker should have discussed things with us.

“My son was a loving and responsible person. He looked after his sick grandmother. His death is a big loss to the family,” she said at her home in Kampung Pisang yesterday.

On Sunday, a labourer, 19, allegedly punched Ayieruchizamsyah, 16, and attacked him with a piece of wood because the victim was dating his younger sister.

However, the Form 4 student of SMK Kuhara managed to escape when two people intervened.

With a bloody nose and bruises on the neck and face, he returned home and told his mother that he had been assaulted. The next day, Haryani found her son slumped on the floor of his room, dead.

Police, who were called to investigate, arrested the labourer and his sister.

Ayieruchizamsyah’s father, Lambang Sundang, 59, believed the attack had nothing to do with the “love relationship” between his son and the suspect’s sister.

“I don’t believe that they were in love at such a young age. If certain quarters claim that they were a couple, it is not true.”

District police chief Assistant Commissioner Fadil Marsus said police obtained a remand order to hold the suspect till Monday to facilitate investigations.

He said the victim and the suspect’s sister knew each other via the mobile application, WeChat.

“The duo had been friends for two weeks, but only met twice, including the day of the incident.

“The girl’s brother was against the relationship.”

Fadil said the girl had sent a message to Ayieruchizamsyah via WeChat, cautioning him to stay away from her brother. Later, the victim went to a field near Kampung Sentosa to meet the girl, but they were chanced upon by the labourer.

“The suspect scolded them and told his sister to go home before assaulting the victim.”

He said the labourer and his sister had no identification documents.

According to a source, the girl had snuck out of her house several times before to go out with other boys, which angered the brother.