Boy, seven, dies from his injuries after falling from wall at pub in Romford

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
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    Tragic. Children often fall off walls with nothing more than bruising or broken bones. RIP little one, condolences to his family at this distressing time.
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    Why was he at a pub 5.20 in the early evening and why were no parents with him or at least an adult. Unexplained death, don't think so, neglect by the parents yet again who should have been there with him keeping him in order and not letting him even sit or stand on a pub wall.
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    I think the impression given is that he was not there with his parents as 'next of kin have been informed' and his' death is unexplained'. If you look at the photos of the pub the only wall in sight is very high. Very sad all round.
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    There are a lot of comments about the parents not being with him, the whole story is not out yet about this very sad time for them.
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    He could have been with other family members.
    When I was the same age, I went to the park with my grandmother, and managed to fall from the top of the slide. Nothing grandmother could do about that, even though she was watching me. Luckily I only grazed my knee, but could have been worse.
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    Just sayin
    Such a sad accident, my thoughts are with the family, and as for those that are blaming the family without any facts, have you never gone climbing when you was a kid, I know I did, I jumped of walls and swings I thought I was indestructible when I was his age, sadly he had a tragic end. R.I.P. little man.
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    From the picture that goes with this story, the pub looks like it's having work done. The question is therefore, where are this child's parents or parent, whichever the case may be. Obviously, not taking proper care of the child, otherwise this would not have happened. I know children do and can get up to mischief, but surely, it's the parents responsibility to ensure the safety at all times, if there were there, that is. Then the question is why is a 7 year old out, without supervision.
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    NoK informed where were they?
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    Very sad, luck of the draw, another child could fall and only get minor injuries, very unlucky to have had this. People on here are quick to assume its the parents fault, I think all of us have at one time or another in our child hood, done silly things, climbed high trees etc, and many of you still do on an alcohol fuelled saturday night
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    It is known as an accident;a tragic one I'm afraid.