Boy Sings All By Myself After Being Kept at Home in Texas

A four-year-old boy expressed his boredom on April 3 by singing “All By Myself” after being cooped up at home in Fort Worth, Texas, because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Christina Bosko filmed a video showing her son Bryson spreading jam on bread while singing, “Don’t wanna be all by myself”.

Bosko told Storyful that Bryson has been very “clingy” as he couldn’t play with his friends during the quarantine period. She said he complained that his work-from-home parents did not play with him “24 hours a day”, as he had wanted.

“When he complains about being by himself, his father has a tendency to sing ‘All By Myself’ to tease him,” Bosko told Storyful.

“He eventually picked up the song and started singing it on his own.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued executive orders on March 19 to limit public gatherings. Credit: Christina Bosko via Storyful