Brace Yourselves! Unlicensed dentist fined RM50K for home orthodontics

Fake dentists: They’re as prevalent these days as a Petaling Street faux-Supreme snapback, but with a lot more serious health implications for those that buy into their questionable braces services.

Who could forget 2017’s Melaka YouTube-trained, 20-year-old orthodontist?

Well, she’s got some 2019 company now in the shape of 25-year-old Nurul Rohaizaz Farhana Syuhada Zazli, who was continuing the tradition of back-room braces fittings until she was charged with providing unlicensed services earlier this year.

Yesterday afternoon, a Sessions Court fined the enterprising 20-something RM50,000 (US$12,000) for her cowboy services, which she offered from her home in Bentong, an hour outside of Kuala Lumpur.

Nurul Rohaizaz was busted on Feb. 22, at 3:55pm, and faced up to six years in jail or RM300,000 in fines, or both. If she fails to pay the RM50k, she will be jailed for 10 months.

While prosecutors from the Health Ministry asked for a stern sentence to show there would be no tolerance for uncertified medical officials, Nurul Rohaizaz asked for leniency, saying she had limited ability to pay the fine, and that her father was suffering from various illnesses.

Which is kind of an ironic bid for clemency given that the suspect was putting her clientele at risk for various illnesses every time she performed a “procedure” on them.

Anyway, we digress! Look on the bright side, Nurul Rohaizaz, that other Melaka dentist managed to get a bunch of NGO suckers to raise money to pay her fine, so there’s always that. And if that fails, maybe there’s money in this karaoke hobby that someone with the exact same name as yours shares?

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