Brad Goreski: Packing is tedious

Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski leaves a “suitcase of clothes” at his New York hotel so he doesn’t have to pack.

Now that he is running his own styling company, Rachel Zoe’s former assistant has to make frequent trips between his hometown of Los Angeles and New York - where he occasionally works.

Brad likes to leave a range of garments in his hotel room to avoid the tedious task of packing.

“I do travel back and forth a lot,” he said in an interview with

“It helps to leave a suitcase of clothes at the hotel I stay at so I don’t have to pack every trip. I try to stick to my L.A. routine when I’m in New York for a long period of time. Gym, work, sleep, hang out with friends. I would move to NY. My boyfriend is from here and it’s closer to Canada where my family is. I just don’t know if I could take the weather.”

Since parting ways with Rachel earlier this year, Brad has gone on to carve out a successful career on his own.

Along with the styling company, he has a new reality TV show called It’s a Brad, Brad World, which is scheduled to air on Bravo at the beginning of next year.

The reality TV star is thrilled with the way his year has turned out.

“I am thankful for so many things! This year has been so amazing. I keep shaking my head wondering if its real. I try to be grateful every day,” he smiled.

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