Brake failure sees bus flying past Temerloh toll booth


KUANTAN: Now that is what you call a near miss!

Footage of a dramatic moment featuring an out-of-control express bus narrowly missing a vehicle at the toll booth in Temerloh has gone viral on social media and WhatsApp today.

The 10-second video, recorded by a closed-circuit television at the Temerloh toll plaza, showed the Kuantan-bound express bus crashing into a plastic barrier before narrowly speeding past a car which was waiting at the booth.

An Anih Berhad, the East Coast Expressway concession holder, spokesman said the incident occurred about 3.15pm on Wednesday and no injuries were reported.

“The express bus experienced brake failure prompting the driver to use the same lane as the other vehicle. Anih Berhad has lodged a police report for further action.

“We hope heavy vehicle drivers will ensure their respective vehicles are in good driving condition before they begin their journey. This would help avoid road accidents and any untoward incidents,” he said.

It was learnt that the express bus driver managed to bring the vehicle to halt several metres from the toll plaza before the passengers were told to alight and board another bus.