‘Braless’, ‘cleavage-baring’: Actress Jasmine Suraya Chin keeps mum after being slammed for outfit

Melanie Chalil

The ‘Paskal’ actress said she will exercise caution in the future when uploading images on Instagram. — Picture via Instagram/Jasmine Suraya Chin

PETALING JAYA, Dec 3 — After drawing unwanted attention for a recent outfit that was deemed “too sexy” by Malaysians, Paskal actress Jasmine Suraya Chin has decided not to provide an explanation for the image on Instagram.

The 30-year-old, whose full name is Jasmine Suraya Chin Xian Mei, said she was worried that any statement made would cause misunderstanding and offend the public’s sensitivity.

“I understand some social media users are not comfortable with my appearance at a recent entertaining event that was shared on Instagram.

“But I choose not to give any comments about the issue because it will bring up certain things like religion,” she told mStar when asked about the reactions online.

While many praised Chin for her stylish all-white pants suit at the recent Most Glam 2019 event, others claimed the Sarawakian actress went overboard for choosing a “cleavage-baring” and “braless” outfit.



After realising her post sparked negative reactions from the public, Chin promised to be more careful in the future.

“I know the post invited criticism from people but the outfit was made by a famous designer.

“Maybe after this I have to be more careful when uploading things on Instagram.

“Whatever it may be, I’ll just accept their comments — the ones that can help me improve, I’ll take on board but I’ll ignore comments that bring no benefits,” Chin said.

Back in 2016, the Hero Seorang Cinderella and KL Gangster: Underworld actress angered fans over an outfit which they deemed inappropriate.

Followers who assumed Chin was Muslim questioned why the actress did not cover her aurat (intimate parts).

Chin, who is of Chinese descent and a Christian, later on responded that she was not offended by the mistake, acknowledging that many were not aware of her background.

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