Brave Singapore motorcyclist challenges himself to ride through cemetery to ‘experience jasmine smell’ (Video)

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A motorcyclist challenged himself to survive driving through dark roads at a supernatural hotspot recently.

TikTok user Rebirth666, who documents his fair share of spooky explorations, yesterday posted his latest expedition riding through an undisclosed cemetery at 1am.

He claims that the cemetery, with narrow unlit roads, is the “best place” to smell jasmine flowers, a sign that a pontianak (a horrifying female ghost from Malay mythology) is nearby.

“[D]on’t try this at home,” the video caption read, though it would be impossible to.

The close-to-two-minute video shows him closing up his pillion-foot peg, so that it wouldn’t invite any unwanted ghostly passengers, and folding in the side mirrors so he can’t see what was behind him.


As soon as he rode, he claimed that there was an instant “jasmine smell.” He also thought he saw something on his right.

“Did I just rode pass a white figure? Fakk,” he wrote.

After getting lost for a bit and passing countless gravestones, he said he smelled a gust of jasmine flowers once again. He then winded down several roads until he finally found the exit.

“Looks like I am not welcome here … Never coming this place alone at night again,” he said.

According to Southeast Asian ghost lore, smelling jasmine flowers means that a pontianak is nearby, while smelling a rotten scent means that she is right beside you.

Several users commended the TikTokker on his braveness and shuddered at the thought of what would happen if his engine died midway.

Others laughed at him when he bothered to signal even though there was no one around.

Other spooky expeditions he has been on are allegedly haunted places like Spooner Road and Jalan Mempurong.

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