Breastfeeding mom’s armpit milk stuns TikTok

This breastfeeding mom had TikTokers in shock when she shared that her armpit was producing milk!

A TikToker who goes by @heavyondahustla_ recently shared the shocking moment she discovered her armpit contained a duct that was producing milk! The mom-of-two explained how she came to have a lactating armpit, showing just one of the many surprising ways new moms’ bodies can change after giving birth.

The video begins with the TikToker standing in front of the camera, with one hand on her chest right next to her armpit. “This is what you call a milk duct that is in my armpit,” the new mom explains. Then, she places her other hand on the area and squeezes. Immediately, a thin stream of milk pours out!

“It went down every day as I used Irish Spring [soap] on it,” the mom explains, sharing how she tried to reduce the size of the duct. “I thought Irish Spring would work because Irish Spring technically dries my skin out.”

“It’s been on my armpit for a whole week,” the mom adds, continuing to squeeze milk out of the duct on her armpit. “I discovered it had milk in it, so I started massaging it and yesterday I started pressing on it and the milk just started flying out.”

The new mom wipes down her armpit with a paper towel, then continues to squeeze the duct. “I thought it was so cool, but my mom thought it was disgusting,” she recalls. “Then my best friend said, ‘Maybe you should pump it.’”

But the new mom wasn’t comfortable with the idea of feeding her new baby milk from her armpit. She told her friend, “I’m not giving my baby no armpit milk.”

“That’s why men should appreciate women,” the TikToker concludes. “Because we go through a lot.”

Viewers were shocked at the new mom’s unexpected lactation.

“I’m currently pregnant and mortified at the things I’ve learned on TikTok,” one viewer shared.

“Wow, that’s cool!” another TikToker wrote.

“You ever watch a TikTok that makes you sit in silence for like two minutes?” asked another TikToker.
Life as a new mom is full of surprises!

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