Bree Runway, Erdem Moralıoğlu Come Together to Celebrate Campbell Addy’s London Exhibition

LONDON — Stars of London’s fashion, music and art scenes came together to celebrate fashion photographer Campbell Addy’s first solo exhibition, “I Love Campbell” at a dinner hosted by Ib Kamara in partnership with Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The crowd included A$AP Nast, Bree Runway, Erdem Moralıoğlu, Feben Vemmenby, Leomie Anderson, Rafael Pavarotti, Saul Nash and Foday Dumbuya.

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Guests viewed the exhibit, which takes place at 180 the Strand and sees Addy exploring themes such as identity, sexual assault, religion through photography, painting and film.

Leomie Anderson
Leomie Anderson

“I feel like I’m expressing myself as opposed to being strategic,” said Addy, who also cited turning 30 as an inspiration for this exhibition.

“I’m no longer running from my upbringing, because I can’t. What I’m doing now is seeing the past for what it is. I’m able to play with it and explore it now because it doesn’t hurt me,” he added.

Addy teased multiple new projects in the works, including the return of his publication, Niijournal.

“I’ve done some shoots for it already. I might do it in another country. The concept is living. I’m going to revisit themes in this space,” he said.

Host Kamara, editor in chief of Dazed and art and image director of Off-White, made a grand entrance with his ensemble, accessorizing his outfit with a Chanel bag and with a beaded belt he’d bought for a steal on eBay.

While Kamara kept quiet on his upcoming projects, he did reveal his summer plans.

“I’m going to go to Sierra Leone. I always love going home. I feel refreshed and happy,” he said.

Upstairs, over dinner, designer Moralıoğlu revealed he had just come from shooting his resort collection with Addy that day.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 24: Erdem Moralioglu and Campbell Addy attend the Johnnie Walker Blue Label dinner celebrating Campbell Addy's 'I Love Campbell' exhibition, hosted by Ib Kamara, at 180 The Strand on May 24, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images for RanaVerse)
Erdem Moralıoğlu and Campbell Addy

“I am going to Greece at some point,” he said about his plans for the summer. Otherwise, he’ll be busy preparing for his show in September.

Foday Dumbuya, designer of Labrum London and recent recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, discussed his upcoming collaboration and collection.

“I’ve got a Tupac collaboration coming up, inspired by a poetry book that he wrote, which is called ‘A Rose That Grew From Concrete.’ Hopefully it will come out on his birthday or later,” Dumbuya disclosed.

Coming soon is the designer’s spring collection, which he said was inspired by African folklore.

Post-dinner, guests were in festive spirits, mingling over drinks.

Singer Runway, whose hits include “ATM” and “Hot Hot,” teased new music to go along with her impending summer glow-up.

“The summer is giving Bree in her sexiest. She’s breaking out of her cage and leveling up,” she said, alluding to an exciting, unreleased announcement.

“We’re going to have a banger for the summer,” she said about an upcoming single.

Nash had taken a break from preparing his spring 2024 show to celebrate Addy.

“It will feel really fresh. I’m really excited about the colors this season,” he teased about what to expect for his upcoming collection.

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