Breezy Explainer: What’s happening between China and Taiwan?

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Developments in the Indo-Pacific region have got everyone interested and watching. Here’s what’s happening between China and Taiwan.

What’s happening with China and Taiwan?

According to the warning by Chiu Kuo-cheg, Taiwan’s defense minister, China may wage a full-scale invasion of Taiwan before 2025. He also shared that China and Taiwan’s relationship was strained. However, the newest escalation is due to several air incursions from the Chinese military.

After all the last four days was witness to unauthorized entry of about 150 aircraft coincided with Chia’s national day celebration. While Taiwan considers itself to be a sovereign state. China has alternative plans in mind. The development observed by the international community. The united states condemned China’s actions. And, countries like Australia and Japan suggest sorting out the worries through diplomacy.

Here’s the update since October 1:

On October 1st, about 388 PLA flew southwest of Taiwan. The two sorties included 28 J-16s, four H-6s, four SU-30s, one KJ-500, and one Y-8 ASW. Out of them, SU-30 and J-17 are fighter jets used in carrying nuclear weapons. On the next day, China reported about 39 Chinese Air Force planes flying in its territory. The first batch flew close to Pratas Island and the second batch down the Bashi channel which links the Pacific with the South China Sea. And, on Saturday, China flew 16 military planes. This time it sent eight J-16s, four SU-30s, two KJ-500 AEW&Cs, and two Y-8ASWs.

However, China’s invasion on October fourth was huge! The Asian giant sent 56 fighter jets over the island nation. Taiwan reported that the invasion occurred in two batches. However, on the fifth of October, Taiwan only reported one Chinees PLA Y-8. These repeated breaches are China’s way of testing the Taipei air difference. Moreover, this series of breaches occurred over the air defense identification zone (ADIZ). After all, airspace is internationally recognized. However, the air defense zones are self-declared.

“I’ve spoken with Xi about Taiwan. We agree we’ll abide by the Taiwan agreement. We made it clear that I don’t think he should be doing anything other than abiding by the agreement,” said President Joe Biden. The US is a close ally to Taiwan and has condemned the invasions. The Taiwan agreement is the understanding between China and the US.

“Resolution of differences over Taiwan and other regional issues must be achieved peacefully through dialogue and without the threat or use of force or coercion,” stated the Australian government’s Foreign Affairs and Trade department. Additionally, Japan hopes this matter is solved through direct dialogue between China and Taiwan.

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