Bride has the best reaction after finding out strangers crashed her wedding

If you see something, say something. But if you see a wedding crasher, maybe just shrug it off?

The newly married couple Michael Tufo Jr. and Karen Fox laughed about the uninvited guests at their wedding. (Photo: La Moda Studio)

That’s one lesson you could glean from the story of Karen Fox and Michael Tufo Jr.’s wedding in Sparta, N.J., last weekend. A couple who were not invited to the nuptials managed to work their way into the crowd of 167 invited guests, had a blast, and left the newlyweds with a card containing a $1 bill and a Polaroid as thanks.

“Right off the bat I saw these two people, and I was like, ‘Huh, must be one of my husband’s friends that I’ve never met before,'” Fox told Yahoo Style on the phone from her honeymoon in the Florida Keys. “As the night was going on, every time I would see them, I would go to say something to Mike, and I would get pulled in another direction. It would just slip my mind. He was doing the same thing all night also. He figured it was someone I knew, but he thought it was a little off too.”

The man and woman, who seemed younger than most of the guests, asked for extra chairs to sit at a table with Tufo’s friends and evaded questions about who they were by going to the dance floor.

A guest took this image of the Eric Trump look-alike and his date at the wedding. (Photo: Courtesy Karen Fox Tufo)

“They definitely added an entertainment portion to [the wedding],” Fox said. “They were dancing like crazy. They were right in the middle of everything. They even posed for the photographer. They weren’t trying to go unnoticed. It definitely added some major comedy.”

When Fox’s 11-year-old niece asked the man, “How are you related to me?” he pointed to his partner in crime and said he was with her. He also told her his name was MacGyver, a reference she definitely wouldn’t pick up on.

The wedding crashers weren’t shy for the photographer, either. (Photo: La Moda Studio)

“She said at one point he got into the middle of the dance circle, and everyone was cheering for him,” Fox said. “The whole place was looking at this guy all night. They were calling him Eric Trump. People who don’t even know each other were calling him Eric Trump. So, apparently they stuck out all night but nobody said a thing.”

It wasn’t until the morning after the wedding that the newlyweds talked about their mystery guests. When Fox’s mother gave her all the cards and gifts from the night before, she found the card that said, “Dear Fox’s (sic), 1) Congratulations! 2) Sorry for crashing your wedding, 3) Best of luck!!”

The card the wedding crashers left for Michael and Karen. (Photo: Courtesy of Karen Fox Tufo)

When Fox posted a photo of the card and Polaroid to Facebook, many of her guests commented that they had been wondering about the guests themselves but never spoke up.

“First of all, I called it as soon as they sat down,” a friend named Larry Glazer said. “I said, ‘Hi, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’ [referencing the movie Wedding Crashers], and their faces turned red.”

The photo the wedding crashers put in their card. (Photo: Courtesy of Karen Fox Tufo)

Eventually, Fox made her post public so friends could share it, hoping that she can find the couple — not to yell at them for ruining her big day but to congratulate them for their hilarious feat.

“I want to shake their hands and tell them well-played. I just thought it was hysterical,” Fox said.

It’s easy to imagine how uninvited guests could sour a wedding, and having to forcibly remove someone from the place could have made things unpleasant too. Instead, Fox said, “This was just icing on the cake to make it even better.”

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