Bride-to-be sparks uproar with ‘vile’ wedding date selection: ‘A self-centered monster’

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A woman doesn’t understand why her friend planned her wedding on the seventh anniversary of her family’s death. 

She explained why she doesn’t want to attend the wedding on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. She lost her husband, daughter and mother in a car accident. Every year, she visits their graves on the anniversary of their deaths. But this year, her good friend planned her wedding on the anniversary and forbade her from visiting her family at the cemetery instead. 

“Seven years ago, I lost my husband, daughter and mother to a car accident,” the Reddit poster wrote. “They were hit by a drunk driver that drove through a red light and killed all of them on impact. I took a job offer and moved far away from my city to another. I travel back to occasionally meet up with friends and of course to visit my family’s graves on their death anniversary. This year I plan to do the same thing but ran into an issue with my friend having her wedding in my old city. My friend Amy announced she was engaged last year to her boyfriend of three months.” 

Amy told the Reddit poster she could not visit her family’s graves on the day of the wedding. 

“She told me that she is having it on the same day of my family’s death anniversary and would like me to not visit their graves and just attend the wedding instead,” the Reddit poster said. “I asked her why can’t I go visit my family’s grave, she told me that she doesn’t want my sadness and grief to take the attention at her wedding. I tried to ask for a compromise and told her if my emotions were that much of a problem, I’ll attend their graves after the wedding was over. She said she wants my support for the entire day and to dedicate it to her. It’s been a week and I have not heard from her, I feel like I should just go to the wedding to keep the peace. But it still doesn’t feel right that just attend the wedding and forget about my family.” 

Reddit users thought the bride was being awful.

“I don’t think there is any redemption to be had for Amy. I don’t even know if she should forgive herself for being so vile, should she ever decide to reform herself,” someone commented.

“Amy is just a self-centered monster,” another wrote

“Amy is one immature spoiled-brat,” a user stated.

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