Bride sparks wedding day chaos with her ‘atrocious’ pre-ceremony behavior: ‘The very definition of a bridezilla’

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A best man rebelled against the bride and grooms’ wishes on their wedding day.

He explained what led him to create chaos at the ceremony on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The bride-to-be bombarded him with demanding texts despite him telling the groom-to-be he was swamped. The Reddit poster’s wife was pregnant, and they were currently renovating a new home. Still, the bride-to-be made inappropriate comments about his wife’s pregnancy and his ability to financially contribute.

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“I let [the groom-to-be] know I was limited in what I could contribute financially,” he explained. “So, I went to the bachelor party, I rented the tux and paid for mine and my wife’s dinner at the rehearsal dinner. His fiancée texted me multiple times a day with updates. She texted me: My wife was NOT allowed to talk about our pregnancy at all. I was not helping the groom enough. She said if I was a true best man, I would offer to pay for the bar bill. She had to approve my speech before the rehearsal dinner and wanted to be included as much as my buddy. She told me to make up things if I had to. I was also NOT allowed to include anyone but the two of them and no inside jokes or stories about my buddy that didn’t include her. Her last text said to tell my wife to keep it together and not make a pregnancy scene during the wedding. Also, she wanted her to choose a dress that downplayed her pregnancy as much as possible.”

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After the onslaught of demands, the best man became furious and put his foot down during the ceremony.

“I spoke to my friend to see if he could reason with her,” he wrote. “He told me to just play ball on this one, it’s her day and to cut him a break because he’d be dealing with her nonsense for the rest of his life. The day of, all the bride and my buddy do is scold me, berate me and bark orders. I head down to the bar for a drink… the bride’s mother is there and warns me not to get drunk because I’ve ruined her daughter’s day enough. I didn’t give them the card with the [$300] cash, and in the speech, I used my friend’s exact wording about having to deal with her nonsense for the rest of his life. I wished them the best and told him I’d always be there for him, especially during the divorce.”

Reddit users thought everyone involved was being immature.

“Groom […] aided and abetted his wife’s atrocious behavior. His wife sucks for […] being the very definition of a bridezilla,” one person said.

“You aired your dirty laundry in public,” another wrote.

“Mentioning divorce in your best man wedding speech made you sink to their level,” a user commented.

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