Bride-to-be stunned after checking tag on lace wedding dress at Goodwill: ‘My jaw literally dropped’

One woman in search of the perfect wedding dress found it for an unbelievable price at her local Goodwill.

Secondhand wedding dresses are a new trend rising in popularity, and for good reason. For an item that you’ll only wear once, a wedding dress can be a major expense — $1,900 on average, according to The Knot.

Wedding dress
Photo Credit: u/EvolvedLurkermon / Reddit
Wedding dress
Photo Credit: u/EvolvedLurkermon / Reddit

But as this bride discovered, that price can be slashed dramatically when buying pre-owned dresses.

“I can finally share my wedding dress,” the Redditor said in her post on r/ThriftStoreHauls. “Pricier for a Goodwill, but still a steal!”

The photos she shared show a full-length lace bridal gown with a short train and a simple, scooped neckline. “Brand new with the tags still on; fit beautifully,” the bride said.

It was as though the dress was made for her; she didn’t even need to have it fitted. She noted that the “only update made before the big day was adding the beaded cap sleeves.”

What made the dress even more perfect was the price. A shot of the still-intact tags showed that it was originally sold for $1,350, but Goodwill resold it for $99.99, a discount of more than 92%.

“My jaw literally dropped. OMG,” said one commenter.

“Listen Bride, $100 for that kick-a** wedding dress is the thrift store score of the Reddit year!” said another user. “Cheers to you and your groom!”

Buying clothes and other items from thrift stores doesn’t just save money, although that alone would be reason enough. It also gives people a chance to enjoy luxury brands they couldn’t afford otherwise. Meanwhile, any item bought secondhand stays out of the landfill that much longer, and the more people use pre-owned items, the less need there is to pollute the planet by manufacturing and shipping new ones.

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