Bride surprises groom with ‘lost footage’ of the first time they met: ‘That is a man in love’

A bride restored lost footage from when she first met the groom — but he had no idea until their wedding day.

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Wedding photography and filmmaking company Bethany and James Photo shared the story of one of its clients on TikTok. When Alice and Rob headed down the aisle, Alice decided to give Rob a touching surprise.

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When the couple first met, their meetup was captured on video by their friends. But eventually, over time, the digital footage was lost. Alice was able to restore the footage and surprise Rob with it on the morning of their wedding ceremony.

“The bride surprises her groom with lost footage of the time they first met,” the video text read.

The husband teared up watching the footage on a laptop. It showed Alice and Rob with their friends, drinking and dancing at a festival together.

“I can’t believe she got this footage. I thought we lost it!” he said.

Then, he wiped the “happy tears” from his eyes, breathlessly saying, “Oh god!”

People thought the surprise was moving, but Rob’s reaction really said it all.

“That is a man in love,” a user wrote.

“And this is why photos and films are the best thing you’ll ever spend your money on,” another advised.

“I want someone to love me like he loves his wife,” a person said.

“I would ugly cry,” someone added.

“He’s feeling all the feels. Precious,” a TikToker commented.

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