Bridesmaid dumbfounded after sister demands she make major change before her wedding: ‘Just stupid’

A woman is reeling after her bride-to-be sister blew up at her for changing her hair color before the wedding.

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She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her sister asked her to be a bridesmaid but never really shared any details about the requirements. When she dyed her hair an unexpected color, the bride-to-be became furious. Now the Reddit poster isn’t sure if she made a mistake or not.

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“I have this thing where I dye my hair every 6 – 12 months,” she said. “Usually, I would dye my hair anywhere from bright red to crimson red until 2 days ago. I went to the hairdresser to get my hair trimmed and dyed as my hair was looking horrible. Instead of going dark red, I decided to get my hair dyed magenta.”

But when she video-called her sister, the bride-to-be began blowing up at her.

“She thought it would be brighter than my dress on her wedding day. When I mentioned that I had purchased a special shampoo that would darken my hair to look more purplish red and she again went off at me cause her dress was going to be purple,” the Reddit poster explained.

The poster claimed that her sister told her the whole bridal party had to be “all-natural.”

But the Reddit poster ultimately said she didn’t need her sister’s permission. The bride insisted that her fiancé’s family would judge the Reddit poster.

“I said that if she is worried about them saying I am upstaging her, then she must think I will try and upstage her. Before she hung up on me, I stated I wouldn’t be changing my hair, and she then proceeded to kick me out of her bridal party,” the poster wrote.

Redditors shared their views on the issue.

“I mean, dying your hair the color of her dress is just stupid,” a user wrote.

“Save us all from brides afraid of being ‘upstaged’ at an event that is completely centered on them and the groom,” another said.

“She had plenty of time to ask you nicely to have a natural hair color for the wedding, but she didn’t. How could you have known?” someone commented.

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