BRIEF-GCL New Energy enters into multiple agreements

April 28 (Reuters) - Gcl New Energy Holdings Ltd:

* Entered into Huarong EPC Agreement between Huarong Gcl New

Energy, unit as principal and Xi'an Datang Electric as


* Huarong Epc Agreement in relation to Huarong Project at

estimated consideration of RMB614.9 million

* Xi'an Datang Electric, Nanjing Gcl New Energy and

Sanmenxia Gcl New Energy entered into Henan Sanmenxia Equipment

Purchase Agreement

* Henan Sanmenxia Equipment Purchase Agreement in relation

to sale and purchase of certain system equipment at

consideration of RMB228.9 million

* Entered into Henan Sanmenxia Epc Agreement between

Sanmenxia Gcl New and Xi'an Datang Electric related to Henan

Sanmenxia Project for RMB269.3 million

* Xi'an Datang Electric and unit of co & Huarong Gcl New

Energy entered into Huarong Equipement purchase deal for system

equipment for Huarong Project

* Deal for Huarong Equipment purchase agreement of RMB512.0


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