BRIEF-Zall Group comments on report issued by Glaucus Research

April 26 (Reuters) - Zall Group Ltd

* company is not aware of any circumstance suggesting that

company's stock price is being manipulated

* would like to clarify that it had not issued any new share

to Fullshare's chairman.

* confirms that there had been no default on outstanding

debt under us$100 million convertible bonds issued by company

* acquisition of Fullshare shares by company in June 2015

was a standalone transaction and unrelated to acquisition of

co's shares by Fullshare from its chairman

* report wrongly attributes increase in co's stock price to

fullshare's equity investment in co leading to stock price being


* "denies all misstatements and false assertions concerning

group in report"

* would like to emphasize that group's financial position

remains healthy and stable.

* reference is made to report issued by Glaucus Research

Group on 25 April 2017 in relation to Fullshare

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